Shared Derived Data Cache in BaseEngine.ini

I am trying to setup a Shared DDC on the network as described in this article:

It works perfectly fine if I edit the Game’s DefaultEngine.ini located in *MyGameRootFolder\Config\ *as it is described in the article.

However, I would like to avoid making this setting in each project, but instead setting it in the Engine itself. In the article, it says that this setting is originally declared in the engine’s BaseEngine.ini located in *EngineRootDirectory\Engine\Config. *So I tried to configure this file to use a Shared DDC by editing the [InstalledDerivedDataBackendGraph] section in the ini file and adding these lines:

Local=(Type=FileSystem, ReadOnly=false, Clean=false, Flush=false, PurgeTransient=true, DeleteUnused=true, UnusedFileAge=17, FoldersToClean=-1, Path=../../../Engine/DerivedDataCache)
Shared=(Type=FileSystem, ReadOnly=false, Clean=false, Flush=false, DeleteUnused=true, UnusedFileAge=19, FoldersToClean=-1, Path=\\MyShare\UE4DCC, EnvPathOverride=UE-SharedDataCachePath) 

But it only uses the Local path and ignores the Shared path. The only way to make it write to the network is to set the “Local” path to the shared location.
This doesn’t seem like a great solution, because where will it write to if the share is not accessible?

Is it even possible to set this in the engine? Or will I have to do it in each project?