Shared content folder for projects

Hi, is there a way to save space every time u start a new project?

Now every time UE makes a new project folder with its own content folder/kits etc.
If I would open/start another new project where I probably would use lot of the same materials/kits etc. this folder also has it own content folder. resulting in doubling the space with exact same content files. if you have 5/6/7 project this is insane.

How can a project use like one central content folder where mainly all the content I might need is stored in. without filling my SSD with same files several times. and without the need importing it every Timme to the content folder with every new project…

I am new to EU

A simple way to do this is to use a “symlink”

ln -s on Linux and try this on Windows:

I think the reason it’s not done more often is because it would make your projects unstable. If you make a change in one project are you going to see if it builds/compiles/tests in the other?

To me, I’d rather buy another SSD than debug a project I haven’t opened in a week, but has been getting random changes.