Shared Character Rigging Workflow in Maya - Body and Facial Rig

Hi all,

I’ve been creating my own workflow in Maya, in order to quickly rig both characters ***Body ***and ***Face ***with different topology, sharing the same skeletal hierarchy ( based on the use of ART Toolkit for Maya ).

The concept behind the entire setup is to reuse a source skeletal mesh, morphing both the shape of the skeletal mesh and at the same time move and reorient the joints, then reuse the skinning informations from the source skeletal mesh.

By doing this, you’re able to reuse roughly 80-90% of the skinning informations, requiring only small tweaking where necessary, drastically reducing the paint weight skinning tedious and time consuming task.

The Integration within the ART Toolkit also allow to have a fully rigged character in very short time, ready to be animated in realtime inside UE4 or Maya.

The next step is the sharing of a source Blend Shape based Facial Rig ( 51 Blend Shape, to be used with the iPhoneX ), to be transferred onto a different head ( with different topology ), morphing the source Facial Rig matching the shape of the new head.

Also in this case, 80-90% of the Blend Shapes are reusable and require very small tweaking, allowing the creation of a fully features character in very short time.

Additionally, I also created a setup where a Joint Based Facial Rig, based on the character rigs from the Paragon asset from the UE4 Marketplace, that works very similar to the reusable skinning workflow that I’m using to transfer for the body skinning.

The idea behind the entire setup is to blend together the services that both Mixamo and Polywink offers, so if you’re interested in this services that I offer, feel free to contact me.

Criticism and comments are welcome|


Nicolas Esposito