Shared Camera for local Multiplayer?

Hi guys,
How can one make a shared camera for local multiplayer in a top down game?
Think Gangbeasts, or Swordy.
I tried following the following tutorial:

but it’s only doing half the job.

All help is appreciated.

You cannot share cameras for multiple players. If you did they all would have same hud, same postprocess etc.

Instead keep camera location and rotation in some blueprint (for eg. game state).
Then make player pawns that have camera only.
And make those pawns read location and rotation, then snap to it.

Would the GameState solution scale well to compensate for bad connection and big latency issues? It would also probably mean local Pawns get the AutonomousProxy ON for their camera movements, many server reconcile and RPC calls will be involved. That way it sounds similar to how a Character Movement Component works. Thoughts?