Shared asset library?

Is it possible to set up a server located asset library that all artists can reference and get assets from without having to migrate hundreds of uassets into their projects each time?

I’ve just started using Perforce with UE4… it’s a lot of work to setup but well worth the effort:

Oh right, i misinterpreted the source control aspect. I thought it involved having an online repository but now i see thats not the case. Great thanks!

I’m using one of the (currently free) beta accounts at so my backups/version control is online :slight_smile:

do you have to have it all online or can it all be locally run?

Yes, you can run perforce locally. I didn’t watch the video below but thought it might help.

brilliant thanks, it seems to be exactly what i need :slight_smile:

So will i be able to drag and drop assets from source control into ue4? will they always be available in the content browser? Im looking to set up a file that has access to assets that arent in its own content folder and are stored centrally. Is this possible with perforce/source control?

Source Control works on the basis of the project. So all of you will be sharing the same project. You won’t be dragging and dropping anything, you just work on the same project.

maybe im misunderstanding then. I want to be able to use hundreds of assets across multiple project files without having to migrate them to the content folder of each project creating ridiculous amounts of copies and huge file bloat. It seems like shared collections are what im after but it says i need to enable source control to allow this. I just dont want loads of huge project files full of assets that arent being used, id rather just grab the ones i need as i need them. Is this possible?