Shared asset library for students

Hi everyone, I am an educator who is using Unreal Engine and Quixel Bridge in my classroom. We have UE4 installed on each machine in a lab and students login to their school accounts via the Google login option. Over the course of the year, we may have up to 100 students developing environments with UE4. We are using the free asset library from Quixel Bridge which is fantastic but doesn’t necessarily provide students with the significant variety of assets that I’m after.

My question is whether there’s a way for me to purchase assets and allow all students in the class to use it over the course of the year. I would love to purchase assets for students where appropriate, but it’s not worth the cost if it’s only for a few weeks and linked to that student’s account. I would then have to re-purchase each time.

My aim would be to build a paid asset library in addition to the free content to allow students to use in future.

Thanks for your help.