Shareable Customized Level with UUID - Can It Be Done?

Hello all,

I’m very new to Unreal Engine, and I have a question that I suppose would be more intermediate.

I am creating an ArchViz project with a single playable level that can be customized as you walk through it (toggle through different furniture, change wall colors, etc.).

The end product will give an option to save the customized level and bring it back up directly from the menu screen when desired.

What I would like to do is create a way to make your own customized level shareable across different devices that have the game downloaded.

I imagine a possible way to do this would be to somehow create a unique ID code for every single possible set of customizations and have those IDs pre-built into the game. Then create a place on the menu where any of these codes could be entered.

In a way, sort of like Minecraft seeds, except I’m assigning a seed ID to every perceivable combination of assets in my game.

When someone saves their customization, the code for that customization would appear beside the save game on the menu. They could share that code with others, who could then enter the code on their own device and view the same set of customizations.

Is something like this even possible? Am I overthinking it and there is an easier way towards the same outcome?

Any feedback or links to similar solutions would be much appreciated.