Share your Game through Us!

I am Febin, a representative of ingare, a small website dedicated to indie games and game development. We help developers to bring out their game into the world through our website, ie, we offer more reach to the developers and promote their game through our networks. And the best part, all this is free. Because we believe that hard work should never go unnoticed. You can check out our site here.

We have already interviewed about 10-12 game developers, including the developers of the famous Shadow Fight 3 from Nekki and MiniWorld: BlockArt developers from MiniPlay Inc. Both are well-known mobile games with over a million downloads. You can check them out on our website: Developer Interviews

But, we are not limited to mobile games. In fact, there are no limitations. We have interviewed games on PC, consoles, and mobile. We are also working on a giveaway page and a project to help beginners and interested gamers to begin their game development adventure.

Now, we need your help. We are looking for game devs interested in our services. And remember, all our services are free of cost and will help to improve your reach. We know that our networks cannot do much, but still, we will help with everything we can. Contact us here.

Next, we need a tutor for our new project to help beginners get into development. We are looking for developers who can make YouTube tutorials. We will discuss more if you are interested. You contact us through the contact form on our website. All tutorials will be shown through monetized platforms only.

Then, we are looking for **bloggers **(guest bloggers) who can write about game development and indie games. Blogs can be anything related to indie gaming, including top 10 lists, reviews or even what do you feel about a particular game (including your game). More details here. We will provide backlinks to your website.

We don’t run our own ads on our platforms*. Nor do we accept payments from our clients. We don’t have a donation feature right now, but we’ll soon add one. If you are interested, please subscribe to our newsletter, which is also free of cost, so we can get in touch with you.

Hope you will help us in our journey. Thank you.

Sorry for the long thread. Please contact us if you are interested in any of our services mentioned above. Any kind of support is very much appreciated. Even sharing this with your friends can help us a lot.

| * except for YouTube videos mentioned earlier.

Greetings! That’s a pretty cool endeavor, and a welcomed one in the indie community. Out of curiosity: dead center on the first slide of the hero header on the site, The Last Guardian (Team ICO, SCE) is shown. I can’t find any interview with Team ICO or the likes (they aren’t exactly an indie developer, but they aren’t a GIANT developer either). This is something that you might want to correct sooner than later, as it might misrepresent the mission (among other things).

Another suggestion, is that if you are going to have forums, get on top of that now. What I mean by this, is that if you end up choosing a platform now, and the community grows, and it becomes very apparent the platform won’t scale, or you hit a wall with features or licensing… This will bite you hard. What happens when you have thousands of members, threads, etc., and the whole database cannot be migrated to a more scale-able and robust fora software (such as phpBB, bbPress, Vanilla, etc)? A lot of pain, that’s what happens! So future-proof yourself now, before you get big!

Also, can you talk more about this “network”? You talk about reach and exposure. I’m curious what that looks like. Anyhow, keep up the good work!