[Share of sales] Save the city / survival / explore / research! Small game team looking for Unreal coder to add inventory system / enemy AI

We have a game with 3D assets, audio, music, gameplay laid out, but need someone with Unreal experience to add an inventory system, the enemy AI and an auto-turret aiming / recognition code. You will also have a say in game concepts / side missions etc.
The game is set in London just after an asteroid hit the city, sending out alien bacteria into the air, making it poisonous. Survivors have barricaded themselves in buildings that weren’t destroyed by the asteroid’s impact. The others have become infected, attacking buildings at night, weakening their defenses.
More details would become spoilers, but if you can help us finish writing this game, you’ll be given full access to the team files obviously.
In return you will receive a cut of sales. We’re aiming for Pc, Mac, Xbox & Playstation.
Thank you,

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