Share animation across same-skeleton meshes

I have wrote my own plugin to import data from a custom built engine, the imported data consists of many different meshes which are interchangeable (think RPG character, with different shoes, pants, etc…). I was wondering what the correct way would be to tie these together into a single object where I could swap out the meshes easily (via Blueprints?), and share the single Animation instance across all the objects. Every item for all the slots IS skinned against the same Skeleton.

So let take your main Skeleton where you gonna attach other mesh, make a retargetable skeleton follow this

Then other mesh you just retarget to main Skeleton.

And i see some guy in his Character BP, he make multiple skeletal mesh as child of main skeletal mesh, and all use the same animation blueprint, so all the shoes, cloths, pants, will go with the main skeletal mesh in animation

I was looking for having multiple meshes that all animated through the same parent skeleton. I ended up figuring out I could use the “Set Master Pose” component to have all the meshes parented to an arbitrarily selected master.

Thanks! I was just trying to find this info myself, and your answer did the trick!