Shallow depth of field

I’m a newbie in photogrammetry but I’m looking for a solution for I problem I have in a research project. I’m going to map the inside of an ear canal. Or rather several ear canals. I can do most of it with a laser ring scanner, but I’m missing the last 10mm including the ear drum. I’m thinking it would be possible to do with CR but the biggest problem is depth of field and maybe small variation in camera angles. I’m wondering if it would work if I mask out all the parts in the all the images that is out of focus? I can easily do this but would CR be able to use images like this? I don’t need textures but I will need a model for stitching/merging with the laser scan.

Hi Kmmm73, this should be possible, but there will be needed good overlap between focused image’s parts. You need about 75%. Also, as you wrote, the same position for image capturing could be limitation, but there are some cases where also these images are aligned. Also, there could be a problem with laser scan, as RealityCapture needs to have ordered point cloud (it is mostly created by terrestrial laser scanners)

Thank you for your quick response :slight_smile: I’m thinking to merge the two models outside RC. Would it be beneficial to mask out the out of focus areas like the attached image? How will Reality Capture interpret this?

Yes, this could work, but then you need to capture a whole drum area. And you then should use masks in the application. The tutorial about using masks in RealityCapture: