Shaking with Unreal 4.16.3

Good afternoon! My name is Alex and this is my first time posting in this board, so I thought I should start with an introduction.

I am really new to Unreal, but I’ve been trying to understand it following a course I found in an e-learning website. Today, however, I had a problem I wasn’t expecting. In the course, we made the player pawn a physical object by taking its CollisionComponent, enabling the “Simulate Physics” property, giving it a mass and enabling gravity. We also set the pawn eye height to 60, although I don’t think this is pertinent.

At any rate, my result was different from that of my teacher. The pawn started to bounce endless on the floor (the floor is the same default floor mesh that the default level template starts with). To fix that, I found this answer linked in this post. Basically, I had to change the mesh so that complex collision was used for all collisions. I don’t, however, understand why that works. As far as I can tell in the mesh editor, the complex collision mesh and the simple collision mesh are exactly the same (I am getting those from the collision drawing button on the same editor). I also tested using geometry for the floor instead and had no problems with bouncing.

If anyone could explain to me why using the simplified geometry is causing this problem, I would be very thankful. I am not sure whether this is a bug or just me using the physics engine wrong; like I said, the same thing didn’t happen with my teacher’s version of Unreal Engine (the class used v4.10), so I suspect this may be just an issue of a change or a bug, but even so I would very much like to understand what was behind the behaviour, bug or not).

Anyway, thanks for reading this through and any help is welcome!