Shaken Studios would be honored

Let me start by saying Thanks for even opening this.

My name is Nick Guiliani, i am the president of a new company called Shaken Studios.
We are currently working on a project entitled Project Xogen.

It is going to be the first in a trilogy of RPG. Now i know your thinking everyone is making
RPGs so what separates us. Why help us well a few things.

  1. We have a few systems we wish in incorporate that to my knowledge have not been used before or done
    to the level we would like. ie: a rival system, dynamic resource system, and a different take on crafting.

  2. This is a company for passionate people. What i mean by this is, All the money the company has is from my pocket
    so it is why i currently can’t pay people. But i do compensate. if you work hard and i have extra money i give it to those
    who deserve it. My head programmer is about to get a new rig because of his dedication, i have bought wacom tablets for
    some artists and so forth. So i want people that want to do this because its something they love.

  3. Shaken Studios was founded to help people achieve the dream of getting into the industry. We started out as friends in college
    that were all Comp sci majors because we want to get into the industry, so i decided why not put us in it and we started from there.
    We are looking for people that want to help us achieve the dream of getting there and in the future help others as well.

I have big plans for Shaken Studios and would like for you to join us on this ride.

Feel free to email me with any questions regarding our project or the company as a whole.

I’d like to join you but i don’t know if you will accept me joining because i’m pretty young to be making games but that doesn’t mean i’m bad

And what do you want me to do if i join?? I’m not that good at 3D designing but i can do it, i’m pretty good at using blueprints (I can do most stuff) and i can make art for like pictures and make videos about the game.

I can make videos like a trailer and stuff is what i meant