Shadows on wall edges.

There are weird shadows on every edge of my walls. Why is this happening and how do i fix it?
I have made a UV map in 3d max and set it to channel 0 and lightmap resolution is set at 2048.


when i look into my roomcorners then there are dark corners too, like yours.
Yours are a bit strong, but it feels not completely wrong for me.

Ambient occlusion in your post process volume maybe?

You have to seperate your model small pieces. I think your lightmaps need more space.

I think that UV map up there says UV 0 if i can read it right. That is your texture map not your lightMap UVs (unless you re-assigned it). LightMap UVs are channel 1.

LightMap can cast onto other areas when planes are too close together they can bleed onto another surface. They require some space when the angle changes.

You also have your lightMap UVs at 2048, which is very high. I’m assuming that this model is one big model in that case and not separated into modular bits that you put together.

but yes, also check your ambient occlusion in World Settings there is a “Use Ambient Occlusion” which is by default off. It could be you added one into a volume, but make sure you don’t have it in the World Settings too although I think this has more to do with the model and the UVs you aren’t showing yet.

sorry to hijack OP’s thread. but what do you mean when you say 2048 is very high? does it affect the GPU memory or something else? what exactly does that number refer to? does it mean the light map is 2k by 2k? because that doesn’t seem very high to me.

edit: to people saying his light map needs more space. the margins actually seem too big and the UV islands are too small to hold any texture data from the looks of it.

The UV’s need to be done better–the automatic flatten mapping does not give good results, and for something like that you’ll need to split up the mesh into multiple parts so that you can get better lightmap coverage rather than trying to do it as a single mesh with a high resolution lightmap. Also, as far as the mesh goes, make sure that walls don’t overlap the ceiling/floor otherwise the shadows can bleed through.

The LightMap is high means that yes, it’s minimum is being defined as 2048x2048. In the context of a world where you might need hundreds of lightMaps (or more) that is high. I think that the default is 64x64.

In terms of gameplay you don’t want to start your lightMaps at 2k. If you need to make your maps 2k there is probably something wrong with the lightMap uv’s that you need to investigate or potentially your model is too huge. Does that mean you won’t use 2k lightMaps? No. But it means you shouldn’t start at 2k.

My caveat of course is that this is not a one size fits all. If someone is doing an architectural render where we are only in one small environment they may want to have 2k lightMaps, but it’s generally not good to max everything out at the get go.

The UVs showing up above are not the correct UVs to judge how little space the surfaces are getting, because they are for the texture map, although i suspect it isn’t very much.

For arch viz you can get away with multiple 2048 light maps but for a game not so much.

Thank for the replies. It’s not ambient occlusion as i’ve set it to 0. I’ll try breaking the walls into different parts.

Apparently i found the cause of my problem. I set the packed lights and shadow maps too high.

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