Shadows of Soldiers

Project Title:

  • Shadows of Soldiers


  • Shadows of Soldiers is a 3rd person online multiplayer shooter. The game will involve a match, 8v8, playing on a capture point system map. There will be 4 classes a character can close from: Recon, Assault, Engineer, and Specialist. Each class will have special abilities such as EMP, cloak, heat suppression, etc that they can use throughout the match that will allow them to capture the point and move on to the next one. There are 5 zones total, A - E, and each team has 2 zones precaptured. Zone C will be fought over and each zone must be captured in alphabetical order.

Team Name:

  • ( Currently deciding still )

Team Structure:

Project Manager:

  • Dameesh Kumar - 3 years of experience


  • Tibi Dandi: Game and Mechanics coder - He codes mainly the player movement, cover system, camera angles, etc.
  • Joshua Phoenix - Gameplay Coder - He codes our damage system, capture system, paint damage, etc
  • Ian Thacker - Map Developer- He creates all of our maps along with textures and in game map items

Website Developer:

  • Murage Wanjohi - Manages the website on front and back end

Previous Work:

  • Dameesh Kumar: Started a start up company called mXers Audio ( 2015 )

Talent Required:

  • Network System Developer: Must know how to handle replications, can optimize network systems and codes, can use the navigator system on blueprints, knows how to configure and set up dedicated servers.

  • UI Widget/HUD Developer: Must have match making knowledge, algorithm setup experienc for match making, ping restriction knowledge.

  • Database System Developer: Knows how to manage player info like speed, RPM, ping, connectivity strength, for up to max 24 players. Knows how to store weapon stats, ranks, achievements, character customization, etc on our servers.

  • Blueprints Coder: Must know how to take our current game content and optimize it so that peer to peer connections will run smoothly.

  • Animator: Create animations such as reloading, shoulder movement, recoil movement, etc.

  • Sound Engineer: Create music for gameplay into and map music along with bullet sounds, footsteps, voice comms etc.

Current Project Status:

  • Currently in the project we are able to all connect peer to peer and explore maps our coder has made. We have 3 maps that are made and textured and ready to be used. The cover system and camera system have been made as well. We are currently working on the damage system and refining our capture point system. Once that as done, all we need to do is set up the network properly so that we can play a smooth match either peer to peer or on a server.

Contact info:

have you really implemented a custom peer-to-peer connection with UE4 instead of using the built-in server-client system? it could be interesting…

Currently we are able to connect to each other using peer to peer and are able to explore any of the maps we made together in live time. We are doing all of this with blueprints.