Shadows disappearing at edges of viewport



The nice ambient occlusion and shadows seem to disappear when moving my camera view in the viewport but only around the edges of the viewport. This effect carries over to exports from Movie Render Queue as well.

Looking for a solution! Light map resolution doesn’t seem to be the issue (set to 1024).

Could be Screen Space Global Illumination?

Try entering the command: r.SSGI.Enable 0 and see, if the shadows are disappearing. If yes, then they are created by the SSGI. And for every Screen Space effect: They only work on the stuff that is visible on the screen. Replacing the 0 with a 1 enables the SSGI again.

I entered r.SSGI.Enable 0 and the shadows still disappear. But Screen Space Global Illumination is not enabled in the Project Settings.

Is there a way to get this to stop happening?

It seems to definitely be an issue with AO settings. Messing with the AO settings within my global process volume is directly affecting the shadows in question. However its just getting rid of the AO entirely, not fixing the problem of them disappearing at the edge of the screen

Ok, but I think even the AO is some kind of Screen Space effect?

I think you’re right too. I am going to try lightmass AO in the World Settings and see if that helps. From what I understand AO post process is screen space effect and lightmass is precomputed and baked.

If possible for your project, you could try out the ray traced AO. :nerd_face:

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Using ray tracing solved this problem. You can apply AO in your post process volume and the shadows do not disappear if ray tracing is enabled for the project. THANK YOU!!