Shadows are black

I have my level set up with a day/night cycle but the shadows seem to be pure black and I cannot get them to be nice and soft.

I have a directional light and a skylight set up for lighting. I read some of the other answers here but they didnt help. My skylight doesnt cast shadows and is movable. The thing is that this lighting system is copied off another map in which lighting works perfectly.

Take a look at dumbgregs day night cylce (old project) but I’d reccomend instead to look at the 4.9 branch of the community ocean project on github. It has a new day/night cycle in blueprints thats based off his project but has gotten way more advanced over time. That should give you lots of ideas and reference for the “proper” way to do it.

Solved it by toggling “Bake and stream” in my skylight.