Shadow Stealth - "hide in the shadows" plugin

Hi All,

We’ve just published Shadow Stealth update 1.3 ( with the support for all light types and mobilities. The plugin is now fully functional unless somebody has a suggestion what’s missing :wink:

Shadow Stealth ( now supports UE 4.24 !!!

Something I’d like to be able to do is affect how it treats the light intensity vs distance. I believe that currently regardless of distance between the two actors it will trigger at the same value, where in reality only having say your head visible at the farthest distance wouldn’t automatically make you instantly spotted. Being much closer however should increase the base chance of being spotted. Combine that with checking to see how many of the sockets on the actor that are actually available vs the number actually saw, and you can have various settings for different set ups, npc types etc etc. :slight_smile: I know I could mess about with the AI Perception parts and do something in there myself, but before I even think of that thought I’d ask to see if such a thing might be on the cards at all? :slight_smile:

Hi, thanks for using Shadow Stealth :slight_smile:

These are really good points. I think I could make the changes you require easily. And to make this even more useful I think I’ll make the whole AI Sight integration Blueprint extendible :smiley: I don’t know how much time I’ll have for this in the following days, but I’ll try to push it before X-mass. No promises though.

Because of Epic policy on code plugins, the update will be available for UE 4.22 upward. If you need it on UE 4.21, let me know and I’ll make sure it compiles with this version.

BTW, if you’re working on something you’d like to share, I would be really like to take a look :wink:

That’s really great to hear, but don’t worry about when you can add it. It’s that time of year when you’ve got much more stuff to do, more important stuff :slight_smile: No rush needed.

Hi All and especially,

I’ve just released update 1.4 for the Shadow Stealth plugin.

The main change is in AI Perception integration. It is now possible to extend AI Sight ‘CanBeSeenFrom’ test with a custom Blueprint or C++ subclass of ShadowSightTargetBase class. There are two implementations provided with the plugin:

  • ShadowSightTargetIntensityBounds - this class implements the default behavior of the plugin,
  • ShadowSightTargetIntensityBoundsWithDistanceMultiplier - this class extends the default behavior with a distance multiplier curve (I hope this satisfies’s needs).

In the example project, you’ll also find a Blueprint implementation of ShadowSightTargetIntensityBounds class for reference.

A nice side-effect of this change is that ShadowSightTargetBase class is effectively a blueprint counterpart to AISightTargetInterface class which is not accessible from blueprints :wink:

The old implementation is still present and usable but will be removed in the next update or so.

The other major change is a transition to named notification events. The old notifications will transfer automatically but the AI Sight Intensity events will have to be changed manually. I’ve removed dedicated AI Sight Intensity events and replaced them with a function for defining named events in ShadowSightTargetBase class.

I’m still updating the documentation to reflect the above changes. In the meantime, you can look into the example project.

:cool: Great news, I’ll hopefully get some time soon to test the latest plugin. Looking forward to it. Thanks for implementing the suggestion!

After the last update i cant package my project anymore. It gives an “unknown error”. If I open a fresh project and the only thing I enable is the shadow stealth plugin it gives the unknown error.

Hi @Vathusmoure, I’m very sorry for this… I’m preparing an update right away.

So the documentation is now up to date, explaining the new system for AIPerception integration.

Also, the update fixing the bug reported by @Vathusmoure (many thanks for this) is waiting to be processed by Marketplace staff. It should be up in a day or so, I hope :slight_smile:

The distance multiplier you’ve implemented works and simple enough to understand, thanks for that addition! :smiley:
If I may be so bold as to ask for a similar curve to be added to the observer?
My logic is as follows:

Currently Distance Multiplier(DM) is attached to the observed actor, I’d use the DM based on actor size, so small actors are harder to see and larger one more obvious.
If the observer had a DM added, this would represent the observers eyesight.
We can effectively have multiple observers with different levels of eyesight who will at different distances spot the same observed actor, and we can vary the observed actors DM for variation between actors of the same class.
By having a DM on the observer too, it would allow things like excellent long range vision but extremely poor up close etc.

And while I’m here can I ask if this could be added : Have the AI Perception move with the head movement? I saw this and wondered if it would be a possible thing to consider? This would make searching animations etc instantly more interactive :smiley:

Thanks for the hard work you’ve put into this plugin!

Update 1.5 went through Epic Marketplace Staff and is ready to download. It fixes the packaging error that was reported by @Vathusmoure.

Hi, thanks for checking the update. As for your requests:

Observers DM - this one seems kind of specific to your project and I think that it would be with benefit to you if you would make use of the possibility to extend ShadowSightTargetBase class with a Blueprint subclass. You can use Akai_ShadowSightTargetBP from the example project as a base for your solution. The only thing you would need to add is multiplication by your modifier before assigning to SocketIntensity variable in CanBeSeenFrom function (it’s in the middle of the third comment block). I hope this will be a valid solution for you :slight_smile:

GetActorEyesViewPoint - this one I will consider if I’ll be doing some updates in the future. Maybe if I’ll think of some more ways of extending AIPerception for use in stealth games…

BTW, if you would have a few minutes to write a review for Shadow Stealth plugin, I would be really grateful :slight_smile:

:o I had to try :stuck_out_tongue: I look forward to seeing how SS develops over time :slight_smile:
Of course more than happy to leave a review, sorry for not doing so earlier.

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Shadow Stealth has been updated to 4.25 !!!

Hi all, I’ve just updated Shadow Stealth to work with Unreal Engine 5 (5.0 EA and git branches: 5.0, UE5-main). Just update the plugin for UE 4.25-4.27 through Epic Games Launcher, move the plugin to your project or UE5 engine and compile it. There’s even a youtube tutorial for this :slight_smile:

Lumen is not supported at the moment. Lumen is a highly optimized screenspace GI, which means using it in Shadow Stealth would be hard at the least. However, Lightmass is still an available option in UE5 :wink:

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teleports behind you :cloud:

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