Shadow Shader

Hi guys,

Ill be straigth to the point, im doing the tutorial to get my hands dirty with UE4, i was wondering how to create a shader that makes an entire 3d model(s) black, this is in order to archive a “shadow” effect like you see in this video a shadow artistic group). Any help will be appreciated.

You can do this with a light function as well. But if you want to do it inside the mesh’s material then you’ll have to mask out the shadows instead of making the whole thing black. And you can use flipbook textures to animate the shadows i believe.

That reply was fast!! im 3 days UE4 developer and migrating from XNA(.net), can yoo show me how to do that?

I’m not able to make a thorough explanation right now, but you can start from here;

and here;

Thanks Jacky… ill post the final result here.