Shadow of Vaelhad

Shadow of Vaelhad is a survival-exploration and non necessary action RPG in a non apocalypse fantasy with a real scale world with a non linear personal story with a sandbox gameplay.

Game will controlled WASD and a mouse and general tactic in combat will get enemy out from balance by right timing of hits, blocks and dodges. There do not depend on only life but also there will depend on kind of injury and a fatigue.

Game will profit from a real scale world and it will offer kinds of survival and of exploration skills. Based skills for exploration and for orientation will a cartography, a knowledge of nature, a perception and a writing. Cartography will important for record and for finding out of a position from prominent landmarks alike as from knowledge of nature skills. There between survive skills will for example a hunting or a trapping. In game will not necessary agressive predators but they can startle a mount or they can steal stockpiles. Combat with dangerous creatures usually will unfair and PC must also use unfair a combat as traps or PC must not try provoke it. Character can be haunt by other characters for long time.

Plan for first version is to have some towns and some settlements with non human inhabitants. (little inspiration is by game Giants: Citizen Cabuto but with little more dark and less funny). Settlements should be a own simulation of cities life. Game will by a classic dark fantasy to use elements from buddhism. More details from land will procedural. It will use little more complex seed for procedural generation so there is possible to have mountains, valleys, rivers and brooks together with less load on data size. Actions of player will effect on conversation skill.(changes of personality)

don’t mean to be rude, but this is a work in progress thread. an idea is not progress.

Work is still in progress but still I am on start. If I will not create nothing other so still I work on procedural it is for me constant long-range entertainment.

Perhaps I must give you eyeful later that I will have more stuff.