Shadow of the Colossus Climbing Tests

Shadow of the Colossus Climbing Tests
BluePrint. Unreal Engine 4.18

Looooooovely!! Great work here :slight_smile:
best of luck with this.

Thanks! I’ve been testing this climbing for so many hours…now is quite stable and player stays attached to the colossus body meshes.

I Killed a Zebra Mannequin Colossus!!!

@VerumBit I just wanted to say, the vid with the rock music and fancy guitar solo, make that a soundtrack to your game, again, ill gladly buy 2.3 4 copys of your game. Haha Great stuff. Shadow of the colossus with 80s rock metal. Thats what the world needs.

And also, great job on the bp. Can i buy it, please, please, pretty pleasy with suger on top?

If not, i hope u dont stop rocking this thing!