Shadow of Mordor HD textures needs 6GB graphics card

Hey guys, have you read this?

Apparently to display the ultra high def textures you need a 6GB garphics card?!?!

I heard about that and i dont understand why anyone would want more texture resolution for it(especially if it requires 6GB vram.) It isn’t even an FPS and it is a fast paced game by the looks of it so…meh.

Isn’t that just a simple case of future proofing?

From the comparisons it’s not improving it much.

It must be poor optimization, or poor level design to need to have 6gb of texture in memory, that’s crazy! it looks like users are reporting it works fine on ultra on a 3gb card as well. Strange. from the trailers I saw for it, it doesn’t look as good as it should, my guess is they “Pulled A Watch Dogs” :smiley: I really don’t know much about the game, but looking at the images on your link, I couldn’t make out any differences between ultra and high, so this is a total waste of time… oh well :slight_smile:

Just waiting for a specific gtx-980 board from ASUS and then I will be throwing some money their way. I am starting to get some slow downs, 660ti is great, but the time has come to move forward.

yeah i couldn’t really see a difference either, maybe it’s just down to the video compression though?

The ULTRA textures are meant only for 4k resolutions, they arent needed if you play at 1080. Thats why it reccomends 6gb of texture memory, so it works fine on 4k with ultra textures.

ok that makes much more sense now xD

I love the mechanic where the orc that kills you gets promoted in rankings, very interesting

Oh, that’s right. I keep forgetting(or rather ignoring) 4K tech since i’m still on a 1GB GTX 460. :stuck_out_tongue:

When you have glasses and natural antialiasing, 4k tech is just yet another buzzword and plot to sell more unnecessary hardware.

It is apparently down to the consoles (specificaly, the PS4 was mentioned, as it uses ultra-fast GDDR5).

This is a console port, and consoles have access to a shared area of RAM for graphics and memory. This means that you need access to as much VRAM as the consoles have access to. In this case, for full-on recommended settings, you need 4GB/6GB.

In a way, this is a GOOD thing. For years, we PC gamers have complained about console drag stagnating our games. Those days are now over. :slight_smile:
For about a year… Then, when Nvidia and AMD sell cards that all have huge amounts of VRAM, we can go back to sneering about how consoles are stopping gaming progressing. :slight_smile:

Well, I recently upgraded to a GTX 980 and decided to give this a shot on Ultra. It’s actually pretty much fine, but you get the occasional jitter when spinning around and it has to load the new textures onto the GPU. IMO though, the Ultra textures have way too much ‘grain’ in them, they just make the game look overly sharp and gritty. They are probably better suited to a 4K monitor, but to be honest, don’t expect much visual difference with them on!

They’ve also done an exceptional job of keeping the detail on the PS4. Visually the differences are not so noticeable but the colour is a tad more washed out and the LODS pop-in a bit more brutally, but otherwise it’s an extremely good port!

All i need is GTX 980 TI or new TITAN (that uses less power than my microwave) then i can go back to my old mantra: “consoles suck and drag everything back” :smiley:
At least we will have reason to upgrade hardware, mine was not for about 4 years.

And it doesn’t even look that much better. Awesome game though, Everyone should try it if they haven’t already.