Shadow issue on metahumans hair / head in mRenderQue

-how do i improve shadows on a metahuman?
i tried turning off all the lights in this scene and it still has that blue haze on her head…

-how do i keep the shadows from swimming around as well?

images and video attached. Thanks!

Hi, Does it happen at LOD 0? (you may want to check forcing LOD 0 in the blueprint’s LODsync component temporarily) I’m not an expert and still learning UE, I would try opening the groom asset and change values in Hair Shadow Density and toggling Use Stable Rasterization. You can also check what happens if you turn off cast shadows on the hair groom. Another thing I would try is to tune the settings for contact shadows on your light, there are some options for Bias, length or radius don’t remember exactly their names.

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thanks, i tried all of those but it still has that strange glow on her forehead. it darkened the shadows but that glow is still there. oh well. thanks tho!


Is it a metahuman groom or a custom one? It looks like it is reflecting the light from the sky, and the groom isn’t stopping the light from reaching the head.
Rebuilding Reflection Captures and lighting didn’t work? Set lighting quality to high.
If that doesn’t solve the issue I would try as a hack to increase the roughness of the head in the material instance, so to make it less reflective. Another hack could be making an object just to cast shadow where the light appears, and uncheck “render in main pass” in its details panel.
Don’t know if your project is for a game or for media, but I found sometimes I get different results depending on if the rendering is through HighResShot, MovieRenderPipeline or Sequencer.

it’s lod0, i deleted all the other lods and just kept 0 since it’s mainly for film and not games. yea it’s mh hair, nothing is custom. i use movie render que for rendering, everything is in cinematic quality. not sure what else to tweak to make it even higher, i guess more aliasing but that glow on the head still is kind of a weird one. thanks anyway, i’ll porbably just stay away from that hair style.