SHADOW CLANS - Bio-Tanks & a Red Light District

  • Maps in the works. This video is a simple fly through of the Shadow Clans concept I’m working on.
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What can I say, I love Unreal. For the past 2 years I’ve wanted to start development on a single level for Shadow Clans.

I’ve never attempted to create a game map until last week. I did however spend the past month going through tons of tutorials before even attempting this. I’m pretty excited. Its just the beginning. In a few months I hope to have completed at least one large map people can explore and find secret alcoves, destroy and blow **** up, or just run around and see the Shadow Clans world.


I’m barely a month in and would love to work on this project with other kickass artists and game enthusiasts. Be sure to visit and watch our videos. New ones will be added soon and a short-film is in post production now, which will be submitted to international film festivals.


It’s great work, I would work on the lighting though it seems to be too rough in most cases or blowing your scene.

Hey thanks. Yeah I’ve got quite a bit of work to do on it. Are you referring mostly to the Lab or Redlight District? The lab I’d like to keep dark and foreboding. The Redlight has a quite a ways to go and some sections I have started on yet. I’d really like to get it to rain, but I’ve gotta do more research on this.

Mainly on the district. Looks like they are too powerful and there are no dark areas / shadows or proper transition etc.