Shading and Lighting in Unreal 4: Fruit

Hey Guys!

Wanted to push the limits of what real-time rendering can do. So I’m starting with the first challenge from , the bowl of fruit and doing it up in Unreal 4. Comments are very welcome

Modeled by Dan Wade

Texture/Materials & Lighting by me

4k render is here:



Very Impressive! Care to give some tips about your lighting and material set up?

Those grapes…awesome!! Very impressive! :smiley:

Really awesome! You were clearly successful in the visuals here, but what about that “real time” part of it? What framerate is it running? If it’s low, do you know what the limiting factor is for your scene? If it’s high, do you have ideas of what you’d push further in the future?

It runs over 60fps on my weak GTX 560 card. However, this is a very small environment. I plan on working in bigger scenes soon, just waiting on a better graphics card (GTX970)

This is looking fabulous :smiley:

But since it’s only a pic and not a real time rendering of the scene, I want to suggest to make a simple video, with your plate only pivoting at a very slow rate.

Per example : [video][/video]

You can show the UHD pic and then switching to the r-t rendered plate :slight_smile:

Looks great - would love to see rotating video of it