Shaders recompile multiples time

Hi, I have a serious issue since I updated the ADK (to 254.7), when I cook my levels constantly recompile the shaders and it is compiling for more than 6 hours and it doesn’t save them!
I Think it recompile ALL SHADERS because there are … 224.239 shaders!

LogMaterial:Warning: Shaders remaining: 224239

I did a verify from EPIC and I have the same issue :frowning:


And there ar 2 errors, but I don’t know if it’s the for the same.

Can you help me?

This is normal, for me anyway. Some updates force you to recompile shaders and it looks like it does it twice in the log. You just have to let it run and compile and go do something else.
(To be clear I’m talking about the shaders compiling, not the “Building Textures” part of the log.

From the log it looks like it is cooking one of your submaps, TheIslandDomeof…
Are you using any custom landscape materials or textures?
I don’t know enough about the build process but my assumption is that your building a lot of textures out of bitmap files (BGRA8), which have transparency built in instead of a seperate alpha channel like .tga.
Also bitmap files are not typically compressed, which would lead to taking longer for the engine to convert the textures and create the landscape texture quads.
WC seems to favor .tga for landscape textures so if so try using .tga instead.

Thanks for you response Nanobot!, and yes I wait for this but, it build constantly and doesn’t save the progress so, started again and again and again, 5 hours each one, and I have 6 submaps :S

The problem persists even with the new version of ADK (256.3), I can’t compile the mod, what am I doing wrong?