shaders question

I was wonder about something, and I haven’t really gotten an answer about this

But can shaders replace textures. I was watching a video with the Naughty Dog talking about the tech they’re using for the PS4, and they dind’t make it too clear

They start talking about their shaders at the 30 minute mark and they even show them off

Shaders will never replace textures, you still need some textures as base for shaders. This new gen tech does not make all stuff simpler, instead it makes results more realistic. Until something like substance painter gets fast and totally algorithmic there will be textures, but even then we will have textures just in different format.

I don’t get that impression

Did you watch the video? They didn’t even bother with the leather textures because the shader handled it. A shader made the clothing stitches, not a texture

They were showing their shaders working with little to no texture work