Shaders don't work with foliage as in old versions do

Using this shader [FREE] Foliage Starter Kit - World Creation - Unreal Engine Forums or someone more or less like that one have a function to move the trees in horizontal using the origin in the tree, to me in the 4.15 this function only works if the mesh was placed as a normal mesh in the world, if you use the landscape tools then don’t work the question is why ? old versions like 4.13 it worked…

Hey Hevedy,

I did a quick initial test and didn’t see any change from 4.13 to 4.15 with the project provided at the link you gave. The trunk of the tree would sway based off the material instance inputs as expected in the demo map that loads up initially.

If this isn’t what you were referring to you are going to have to be much more specific. Please give a detailed list of steps that leads to the issue with the project provided.

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The trees trunk moves and that only when the tree is placed as mesh in the world drag and drop. But if is placed with the foliage tools don’t move and don’t works.

In my test the trees placed with the foliage tool did have their trunks move based off the material instance inputs.

If I can’t reproduce this behavior and can’t get a list of steps to reproduce this then I will have to close this as “can not reproduce”.

For my test I simply opened the editor and in the material instance increased the “object sway amount” to about 2 to make it very drastic. I then Painted the tree using the foliage tool to see if the trunk would sway and it did. I will say that it is by a reduced amount that the static meshes but I saw this in 4.13 as well.

Okay let me check tomorrow and will tell you if in the 4.15 works to me that exact example.

Okay look, make a new map in that project in the version 4.15 then set one of the trees to the foliage to place it, set a density of 1 for example to that mesh of trees and scale from 0.5 to 1.5 make a new landscape with the default sizes in the new map, save the map with some name in the folder, pain the trees lets say doing a circle in the landscape map using the whole radius paint someones in the middle too you will notice with even 100 of move to the texture near no move and at more trees you paint move less and at bigger the map less move, in the 4.12 or 4.13 worked fine with the same value always…

I have to set 1000 in my world to see the trees move a bit.