ShaderCompileWorker failed: Mismatched shader version

Everytime I open Unreal Engine4 project or just it’s browser, message with:

ShaderCompileWorker failed:
Mismatched shader version for format SF_VULKAN_SM4; did you forget to build ShaderCompilerWorker?

I did not do anything with UE4 files of project or engine, I just took a break, updated engine and came back (updated 4.21 to 4.21, same version, just some mini-update) but it shows this, I can work with-in editor but when I click on OK, it will shut down.

Glad for any help.

Edit: It was not happening before today’s update. 04/12/2018

If you have Lightmass Importance Volume in your level, try to disable this or delete, then try again…

No, there is nothing like this and it’s not caused by level, because It appears also if I just run the UE4 browser of projects, not any project and when I’m actually opening any project, the crash window will appear at 86%, also I have empty levels (it’s a mobile app) so anything related to the project is not possible…
But thanks for help anyway :slight_smile:

I had the exact same mistake
I decided by removing and installing the engine again through the epic game launcher

Thank you, at least somebody answered, although I have it already solved, just “verifying” the UE4 version was enough (UE4 problem), but sad that I got help from UE4 group on facebook but not here at their own helping forum.

Thank you, Desttik. I am having exactly the same issue, after that update. And a crash at 86%.

Another walk around is to open the project with a newer version of the Engine. Works for me first attempt.

How to compile with Lightmass Importance Volume?