Shader Model decision before project is made

So after a few tests (on around 3-4 computers) ive noticed most of the computers kept having graphic failures when trying to make a third person or first person game project but after some luck and changing the shader model to 4 instead of 5 i didn’t get the crashes and the projects worked fine across all computers i tested it on i think there should be an option that lets people pick their shader when they are making a new project to fix the crashing issue some of us get

The issue you were experiencing could be related to the graphics cards within the 3 to 4 computers, and them not being DirectX11 compatible. Would you mind providing me with the ‘dxdiag’ from one of the computers that was consistently crashing so I can take a look at its hardware specifications?

Also, how did you manage to get one of these projects open? Any specific steps that you took to work around the issue?

Thank you,

Andrew Hurley

i kept trying to open said project over and over and over till it allowed me (in a small window of time) to change the settings real quick for the preview end of the game as for the dxdiag i can’t supply them at this moment do to the computers being packed away right now