Shader issues in UE4.24.3 and UE4.25 on iOS

Hello all, I’m making my first game in UE4 and having a odd issue. I’ve tried searching around for an answer but nothing. I tested with both my game and with a blank starting project and both cases when I build for iOS metal 2.1 and open it up on my phone I can see the models but the lighting is gone or flickering. On pc mobile simulator it looks great. Any ideas what this could be? There is no errors during the package process. UI does show up on my game, I think it’s a shader issue. iOS 13.3.1 on iPhone 11 Pro.

I just tested a brand new blank level in 4.25 and this time it’s not as bad as 4.24.3 was as I can see everything but soon as you move around it goes crazy. Video example: - Google Drive