Shader issues in Modular StaticMesh

Hi all.

I create a simple modular wall with uv channel within. I duplicate it several times in order to apply a material with a blend texture which takes de position of the wall and moves accordingly. But ,when i apply some lights in to the scene, the shaders creates ugly lines in the intersection of the walls.


I use Lightmass volume and the walls are well snap. I also make the test with a second UV Channel but nothing happens.
Who do i fix this problem.

Maybe you need to increase lightmap for the mesh.

I forget to mention, the lightmap is set to 128.

My guess is you have the side of the wall attached to the front on lightmap UVs. So since the edge will be dark it can bleed over onto the front. Detach the side and put some space between them to avoid this.

Could you post your lightmap UV layout?

Ye, if lightmap channel UV done manually, then you need to check space between UV islands, UV islands should have enough of space between details. I usually use Flattern mapping in 3ds max for lightmap UV

Here you can get some pretty helpful informations about lightmaps:

Thx for yours answers. I create a 2º UV Channel with enough space between islands and snaped vertex into the grid:


But still the same problem: #&:mad: lines appears again! The funny thing is i have a modulate floor built with the same process of the wall and every thing is ok with it: No ugly lines between meshes.
So after hours of yoga meditation i found the incredible solution… I distroyed the wall and remade it from scratch using yours advices. Now there is no lines and everything fits perfectly


Thx all of you guys.