Shader for beveling hard edges

Does UE5 have shader that bevels hard edges? Something like Next-Gen Screen-Space Edge-Bevel (available now) - YouTube

I prefer UE, this has nothing to do with Unity. UE is far better.

Nope. I’d have it if it was there…

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I forgot to mention. There is this

I did see that, too.

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Little bit fiddly to use.

Since there is no shader solution, Houdini Engine for UE5 might be a solution.

We can bevel all selected objects quickly and easily.

  1. Houdini has a tool that does a “for each” loop and bevels all selected model and hooks into UE’s Houdini Engine.

a. Could save a lot of time updating hard edges.

b. After the auto bevel has been applied, the asset can be placed in a library for future use in other projects.