Shader Complexity screenshots


it would be great, and a simple enough solution, to see shader complexity screenshots of marketplace assets (e.g. foliage packs and effects), how well they fit in an actual game environment.
I’m developing a performance sensitive RTS where animated skeletal meshes eat up most of the rendering power, and the environment should be less hungry, but I think it would be also great for mobile developers.


Hi Sivan,

Thank you for your feedback. This sounds like a great idea! I can relay this information over to our team for future consideration.



I have a pack that has shader instructions ranging anywhere from 60 to 250, and making materials up to 350-500 with the same system is really quite feasible, if a bit overdone. You’ll have to sacrifice some things for better performance, like using unlit or opaque water instead of lit translucency with SSR reflections. But most devs can only make do with one or the other: either you have amazing detail and lighting in the effects/materials, or you’ll have a cheap mobile thing. Rarely can people develop shaders to be compatible with both. Even if you’re using best practices, it can easily get out of hand. I would suggest Marketplace creators advertise their materials as being optimized for mobile, or scaleable down to mobile, and take advantage of switches in the materials for efficiency.

Shader complexity views can help, but they don’t tell the whole story. Not for materials that can be scaled up or down as needed.

Overall number of shader instructions, samplers and whether or not materials are mobile compatible are good bits of information to have.