Shader compile ... bug?

So… after creating a repository for my new project, I’m watching shaders compile again. Now… I know what shaders are and roughly how they fit into the whole pipeline. Never made one, but aren’t shaders themselves little independent bits?

The reason I wonder this is that I have a stonking big threadripper… 64G of memory and 16C32T. I have NVMe SSD to feed the hungry beast and I’m sitting here looking at windows task manager … with an overall utilization of 10% … and only 5% of that is even unreal. GPU is almost idle too (only a lowly 2080).

Normally, when I compile a bloody big project, the processor hunkers down… draws about 250 watts and gets to work — which is why it’s water cooled. Yet here I am… waiting for nearly 3000 shaders to compile and I can’t do any work in the meantime. I suppose it doesn’t matter so much — those files (that were touched by git this time) … won’t normally be touched…

… but the whole still urks me.