SG Classic Laser

Hey Guys!

I read several requests for a star wars style laser on the forums, so I am throwing one together. I want to give the most control and usability possible, so I am trying to make it a blueprint with revealed size, scale, velocity, etc.

I have not made a blueprint particle system before, and I am struggling to get the blueprint to effect the particle system. For the first piece I am just trying to get control over the initial size in my blueprint, but when placed in the level my vector parameter does nothing at the moment.

Here is what I have so far:

very cool!!!

Silly man, you’re in Event Graph! I think some of this issue is that you’re not testing it in construction script. Give it a try. :wink:

Glad to see someone working on this! :slight_smile:

Haha! You are right, thanks bro. :wink: This made so my colors work, but my vector is still not effecting my initial size.

Current progress(BP color pickers are working):

I am going to bump my own thread. This blueprint is ready to go once I can get my particle parameters to work! I THINK I hooked them all up correctly, and all the particle parameters in my cascade particle system are named the same as what I am linking, but not a single one of them works yet. Does anyone out there know what I am missing here? Thanks! :smiley:


Alright I figured it out and now have a classic star wars laser BP with working attributes for size, velocity, light size and brightness, with inner and outer color pickers. The material does not use any textures, so it can scale to any size without breaking down(for them turbo lasers :D). There is a reversed depth biased so the laser gets hotter and brighter when it intersects objects as well as collision so it dies upon impact. I am now working on a switch to be able to switch from laser to phaser(star trek style).

Excellent! :slight_smile:

Just to give people an update, I am almost done with this pack. Just have to do some marketing and a walkthrough video and I well send it off! :smiley:


Alright Ladies and Gents! I am submitting the package the Epic now. Here is the tutorial video. I hope you guys like it!