[SFX] Zombie Sounds


I’ve record some sample sounds to test my voice “like a zombie” and I would like to know if you like it.

Some things:
I’ve recorded with a condenser microfone and a good mixer, but I used a bad soundcard. You’ll listen a high frequency’s noise. Sorry about that, on the next recordings I’ll use a good soundcard.

You can use that SFX on your games for free.

Is there a right place to my topic?

Sorry for my bad english.
thanks at all.

hhahhhhahahahahhahahahahhaha nice!

Thanks .

Does anyone have a suggestion?

Moving this to Community Content. This forum is for Unreal Engine Marketplace items.

Thanks for sharing, and welcome to the forums, Thales!

Sound like Dead Island adn little WarZ (Movie) or something like that, nice …

Thanks for moving my topic to right place.

, thank you for the comment. I was inspired by Left 4 Dead, Dead Island,Dawn of the Dead
(movie). My voice has limitations but I’ll get a flu to improve it. :stuck_out_tongue:
If the community enjoy these sounds I’ll try to submit the content for marketplace in better quality.

Do you think it’s worth keeping recording ?

Thanks at all!

Thats hilarious and very good at the same time, thanks for sharing, id say keep recording!

thanks a lot for the laugh. I’ll use this if i can and please do more. This is really cool.

I’m glad you enjoyed it . I gave a good laugh ( and coughs ) doing it .
After finishing this project I intend to do something like transformers , something mech-organic.

Thanks at all.

Looks like the file has been deleted.

thank you, very usefull for my current project.

Hahaha, it’s ridiculous when you think that this comes from a real person. But that’s good work man :smiley:

@Thales, I would not have guessed that was a person, excellent work! :smiley:

Yep dropbox link broken for me also

Any chances for a re-upload / mirror?

It’s no longer available