SFX, sound help

Hello everyone.

I’m about to finish a project and I need the sound part, you know sfx, dialogues… I’ve looked through google sound libraries, and had some free they don´t have anything that I want, and other aren´t free. So if anyone knows I appreciate it. Sound sources on the web would help me.

Thank you ;)! :D!

I think you wont find many dialogues sfx files on the web -> so it’s easier when you probably ask someone that could record you some own sounds or even record your own ones (of course you will need a good micro + suitable voice ^^)

Another way for general sfx stuff is to use the existing ones from epic games -> you will surely find some assets that you can use in your project :wink:

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As mentioned, dialogue is a lot more difficult to find for free since it is so specialized. For pet projects, ive recorded myself and friends with a nice computer microphone. As far as sounds goes, there are a lot of free online sound libraries ( a simple google search yields a number of them ), just make sure to double check the licensing agreements of any you use in your games.

Thank you guys! :D!

I forget the name of the software at the moment, but a year or so back, I was looking into some audio packages and VST plugins that let you change the tonality of recorded speech so for example, you could record some sentences and have the software change it to sound like a female voice etc.

I didn’t buy in at the time, but I definitely saw some quality packages which could have you creating multiple, quality voices from your own recordings.

Take a look around, you may find something useful.

Good luck!


Newtone is good by Image - Line. You will need a DAW for it to run though. You also have Pitcher as well, again these are VST plugins so you will need some sort of DAW in order for it to run. Ohm is free on Steam that is a DAW you can use :slight_smile:

Ohhhh Thank you so much guys! you´re amazing! definitely Ohm is the best solution by now…

Thank you, thank you!!! :smiley:

Don’t forget to check out Reaper](://www.reaper.fm/)
(While I’m off to check out Ohm LOL!)


PS - FLStudio](://www.image-line/flstudio/) (originally named Fruity Loops), is an excellent, high-quality DAW with lifetime updates once you buy into it.

Good suggestion. I have heard many good stuff about Reaper :slight_smile: (+ I will also check Ohm now ^^)

Also, not available yet, but the FMOD plugin is coming early September, I got a response back from them morning:

Hi, if you are still looking for free sounds, check website out www.freesound.org.