SFX Audio control

Hello world,

I just started to tinker with audio this morning.

I have 2 volume settings : BGM and SFX

BGM (Background music) :

Player Source: Audio component present and controlled by the base HUD Blueprint

File Sound Class: Engine:Music.

SFX (Sound FX):

Player Source: Global Audio channel.

File Sound Class: Engine:Master

SFX audio files are sometimes played through animations but more often using:

Simple Basic stuff…

I am aware that i can explicitly fetch and use the “SFX Volume” in respective blueprints while i play new sounds.
However, i was hoping that there might be an alternate & more efficient method to do so. Something that sets the global volume for every other sound played during runtime.

Not that im lazy to update all the blueprints. Just that, i would like to minimize the “variable fetch and use” operations.
I wouldn’t mind reworking on the entire audio system if i have to as long as the code is efficient. :wink:

Using the SFX variable value while playing sounds works, but not for Animation notifiers. In short, that approach is useless.

Here is what is needed…

1: Create new SoundMix and set sound class to “engine-SFX”.

2: Project settings → Audio: Set default sound mix and class.

3: World settings → Audio: Set sound mix. (not necessary).

4: Edit all audio wav and cue files (apart from BGM) to SFX class (Bulk edit via property matrix is useful).

5: Configure volume controls.

**Done :slight_smile: **