Sewers & Underground Modular Set

Sewers & Underground Modular Set

We recently released this set a few weeks ago. Made a large emphasize to provide arched corridors while providing a few assets to keep to a sewer or underground set theme.

We’ve gotten a bit of feedback of the marketplace. We’d love some feedback here on the forums as well, anything like to see included or changes we should make.

Unreal Marketplace:


Needs more grit and grime IMO. Use some materials to dirty up the sewers.

Looks to clean at the moment. I would also add some “sewer water” to the pack. :slight_smile:

Other than that looks awesome :slight_smile:

Hey HeadClot sorry for the delay’d reply! For some reason the notification didn’t come up that anyone had replied (not sure why?) but hey thanks for the feedback much appreciated :smiley: there is some sewer water in the set already but we are also talking about an update soon to add possible content, so a “grimier” version of the brick and concrete might be possible we’ll definitely talk about that! Anything else you’d like to see added to the set?

have a good one,