Severe Crash

I am running Windows 7 with an i7 and 16MB of RAM. My nVidia chip has 2GB memory.

I created a new LandscapeMountain project, started the lights to build, switched back to the launcher and then everything locked. solid.

Only the mouse could move. I could not switch windows, and no keys did anything.

I can’t remember anything causing this level of lockup with any of my Windows 7 work. This is serious.

Based on no actual facts, I think there is something wrong in the lighting calculations.

I am going to try it again. I bet nothing happens this time.

It happened again! After the build had been cooking for a while, everything locked solid. Only the mouse could move. Not even a three-finger salute would get a response. I had to forcibly remove power and reboot to get control back.

Is there any diagnostic I should run that would help you guys figure this out?

Can you post this to the Answerhub so that they can track it? Sounds like a bug

Ok. It is posted:

Sounds like the engine locked up the UI thread.

but how would it affect the entire computer? That is what puzzles me. I have not seen one application step on another one in many years. All they do is lockup themselves. I could see the engine locking its own UI, but it can’t have access to the kernel or the other applications.

Its also weird that the mouse still works. I guess we should build stuff out of whatever the mouse is made of :slight_smile:

Try keeping an eye on RAM usage while it’s building.
Seem to remember something about needing more than 16GB for Landscape Mountains, but that was when it released and maybe there were optimizations?

Regardless it should just throw you some error if that’s the case but maybe give it a go.

You cracked the code. I left the performance monitor on and watched the RAM usage rise. It still said “Lighting at 0%” when the RAM usage hit 15.8GB and everything locked solid. That is weird. I thought modern computers swapped virtual memory to disk, so they can’t run out of memory until the disk is full. I guess I didn’t want that mountain anyway!

While the landscape is being built, it cannot do a save-to-disk operation. It simply cannot do a save-to-disk without discarding chunks of data. If it’s missing a chunk of data, a lot of things cannot be computed.