In 4.18.2, whenever you add a camera and rotate Z 90 degrees, and then put it in Sequencer, the rotation changes itself to 89.999992.

When you fix it back to 90 degrees, and add a keyframe in Sequencer, it changes itself back to 89.999992.

This never happen in 4.16 or before. It only happens in 4.18.2. It is screwing up my work.

Please solve this issue.

I don’t think it’s a bug and this actually CPU doing, float point values are not 100% precise due to way they are store in memory

So even if UI will show you 90.0 calculations based if ut still be perfect either way.

It is affecting my animations. It is not just 90 to 89.999992, but happening to any other values, for example 180 will become -179.999985 °, 230 will become -129.999985 °, etc. In my sequencer animation i need to rotate the camera from left to right, but after it changes itself, its rotating the opposite way! and not even correctly in the opposite way.

My animation is totally screwed up! I redownload 4.16 but it says my map is not convertible back to a older version of engine.

I feel like slapping myself for downloading 4.18. Should be more cautious next time.

Is there any reason why Epic is doing this to 4.18? It was never like this in 4.16 or earlier versions.

Please help!

This issue is duplicate from Sequencer Bug: Camera Rotate - Cinematics & Media - Unreal Engine Forums and is logged with UE-22228. I hope Epic will solve this problem as soon as possible.But the problem isn’t a numerical representation.

Seriously i think 180 should be 180 and not -179.999985, 230 should be 230, and not -129.9999985. etc

This just makes Unreal engine look bad.