Severe blueprint graph edition bug with mouse right click

Hi guys
I got a severe blueprint graph edition bug that prevents me from working.
I use windows 7 (64 bits) and when I right click at an empty spot, the editing window just pans and the mouse cursor jumps to a more bottom right position.

I can’t add anything using right click, hence preventing me to create scripts.

Is there a workaround or a preference setting to solve this ?

I can’t work… :frowning:


nope, no controller plugged. Yes the mouse works properly.
Does somebody know if the rigth click is Win32 API or DirectInput based ?

Do you have a controller plugged into your computer? And are you sure your mouse is working properly?

wahou… solved it… Using the mouse drivers settings, i switched to 3 buttons mouse (instead of 5 buttons).
It now works ok.
For the record, my mouse is
Souris HID
hardware id