Several marketplace purchases give a failed to load asset error in the content browser

It would be great to get some support for this… I have several marketplace purchases that randomly won’t load several assets. For example the modular home content gets added to my project with no errors but some of the meshes, textures and materials won’t open.(There doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason to which bits of content are affected) I get the failed to load asset error, with no further information. Also creating a new project produces the same results and so far I have about 4 content purchases that are doing this.

Forgot to mention this, but it seems like the creators of the content packs in question may have used a different version…most likely newer, to create their content. Regardless I have no clue what to do to be able to use these purchases. I am currently having the issues with 4.8 but I am updating as we speak to see if that fixes anything.

Hi there,

What you will need to do is make a new 4.8 project and then migrate the assets over from your older project to the new one. This will not work properly if dragging the files over to new project. You will need to right click the assets in the engine and select “Asset Actions” and “migrate”. You will need to make sure you migrate the assets over to the new project’s “content” folder. This should resolve the issues and allow you to use the purchased packs in your project. Let me know if this helps.