Several instances simultaneously?

Would it not be possible to allow several instances of the application to run simultaneously?
I stumble across this “limitation” several times a day… :o

Dear Gotz,
Yes, this is disabled intentionally :slight_smile: What is the user scenario which you would like to achieve by running two or more instances of RC at once?

Hi martinb,

I often go back and forth between files.
Especially with the elswhere discussed workflow of refining areas with misaligned cameras or Wishgranter’s sugestion of a room-by-room approach, I find it useful to be able to look at images used in other projects.
I use it with photoscan alot - and basically any other software I use. :geek:
Having to save and close and close and reopen is just a bit awquard…

Hi Götz

you mention jumping from project to project. It’s best to align properly one “room”, then export it as a COMPONENT, room by room.
then import the COMPONENTS into a single project and have all images used in all coponents in one project…

for better orientation, use the 1+2+2 or 1+2+2+2 UI layout, and take advantage of Windows colours.
So in each 2D window have images for a particular COMPONENT/image
so you don‘t need to jump from project to project…

try it out…

Hi Wishgranter,

I am already using the colours. Very practical indeed!

I believe that this workflow works for you and certain objects, but in my case I don’t have any rooms since it is a ruin. :o
And unfortunately reality does not always behave systematically. :mrgreen:
Since this is my first big project, I have hope for the future…

Is this “limitation” due to stability and/or resource needs?
Just trying to understand your desicion - it is not something that would deter me from using the software in the future, just a tiny catch…

Are there any plans to make it possible to run several instances?
I often work on several projects at the same time or split scenes in to components.
It would be much more efficient to use time during calculation to set up more projects to be processed later.
Of course, batch processing could aleviate some of that, but only for big budgets at the minute (CLI)… :frowning:

Another drawback of your in-program help is that i cannot read up on things while something is processing.
I lose time and patience.
That would also be aleviated by several instances.

you do know that you can minimize the processing, and just use most of the app while its processing?

its good for looking around the model. or looking up help

you can also hit save, start this next processing bit. and they will run once current thing has finished. though i don’t really recommend this.

though i do agree it would be nice to able to open multiple copies.

just so you can export a model from one file while something else is processing.

you could also start up depthmaps using gpu, while another one is meshing on cpu. though i guess would need plenty of ram for that. though i guess this could cause problems with the cache.

■■■■, I did not realize that!
Thanks a lot!