several feature requests

Hi guys,

Absolutely loving learning UE4 so far, especially blueprints!

I have a couple of feature requests I thought I’d throw into the mix:

full blueprint screenshots - Add the ability to capture all of a blueprint at the current zoom level, even if it extends off screen, and save it as an image. This would be amazingly useful for tutorials. Having it as an image would allow for annotation and other editing in photoshop etc.

toggle blueprint comment bubbles - being able to comment blueprints is awesome, but it would be great if you could turn off the secondary comment “bubble” that appears when you zoom out. They often overlap and get messy and unreadable.

"add component tag" function - Currently it is possible to query a component for a tag, but you cant add a tag onto a component unless you define the tag in the properties of the component itself. Sometimes you might want to set a tag based on something you do to a component further down stream, currently you cant do that in blueprints

URL blueprint comments - being able to embed a URL into a blueprint graph would be awesome for linking to youtube tutorials covering aspects of the given graph for example.

Keep up the awesome work

Re: URL Blueprint comments

We recently added a Blueprint “documentation” node that has the ability to display the equivalent of a rich tooltip (the Ctrl + Alt fancy ones). In addition to displaying documentation inline in the Blueprint Editor, those could contain a link to a video or other documentation.

Those should be available in the next release.

We have a request for this in already, but there is also a program that we are looking into that would allow you to share entire graphs more easily.

Agreed, they can be redundant and annoying. I found a request to fix this already in our database.

There is a “Set Component Tag” option if you drag from a component’s get. It is context sensitive. Does that work for what you are describing?

Thanks Alexander, I’ll have to check, but i was trying to create a “set tag” node by dragging off of an “add static mesh component” node, that didn’t seem to be an option, with or without context sensitive being turned on.

Thanks for the feedback on my other suggestions.