Several engine version installed at the same to??

Hi I 'm new to unreal engine (come form unity that i used fro last 2 years…herea my game prototype i made with it and would to replicate and hopefully complete the project with unreal but used UDK in the past

btw now i’m relearning everything so i always search for tutorials and so on… but i have and found really nice tuts(even from standard epic repository) that uses old engine versions…

as far i know from epic launcher we can choose which version of the engine we want to install but my launcher only give me the possiblity to install the 4.24(taht i have installaed) and the 4.23…
all older version are not listed to me… so how can i install other version of the engine so i can follow the tuts and so on??

many thanks in advance for your time



my bad i didnt see the drop down arrow beside the version to choose lol…
btw now that i’m installed the version i want (in this case 4.9) how can i access to the tut material showed in the site?