Several characters moving to one position

I got the problem when I select many units, and tell them to go to some location they are fighting for destination place. I mean, if any character achieve place he is stoping but then next characer is pushing him and even sometimes they push actors to air so they fly … What is going on ? I even implemented that they go and make some formation so they dont have one destination place, but they even like pushing selfs to air on turns or slim roads. I didnt checked it yet but is it posible because i gave for their mesh “physics actor” instead of “character mesh”(I gave so, cause with that they generate mouse overlap events) ?

I am assuming that you are using MoveTo node to move the characters. I believe there is a tolerance radius that you can set. Basically it says instead of moving to the exact spot, move to a spot within X cms around the location. Perhaps this will solve your issue

Oo I ll Check it out, but anyway like I wrote I fixed one destination point problem. The main thing is they are pushing each other to air. I still have problem with that. I think I dont know smth mian about physics in UE4 for example when I am using radial force I need set like 500 mln strenght to make any effect on my unit actor.