SetWorldLocation not working on the Z axis.

I have a problem with the SetWorldLocation function. I use a function I created (Image 2) to get the location of my StaticMesh on the Z axis. However, when I play, the SetWorldLocation function works fine for the X and Y axis, but not for the Z axis. For example, when I add a token in the last column (I use a SpawnActor with the Z axis location at 167.0), the token should go to 120.0 but goes to 167.0 on the Z axis (Image 3). The SpawnActor function is called once and nothing, other than the ‘Ajout’ function I created, changes the mesh location.

Thanks in advance for helping me.


Check the outcome of Ajout

It returns the number on the return node. I checked it with a Print String.

I mean, this number is obviously wrong