Setup up a Timer displayed in 00:00:00:00 that begins on input

Hello, I’ve been trying to setup a Timer that begins on input.

I have all that setup, I even have the 00:00:00(not.milliseconds yet) setup.

However with 00:00:00 I am getting game time in seconds, so even though I haven’t pressed the button the time will tick, so when I do press the button it could be on a random number depending how long the played has been in the level.

Any ideas how to display 00:00:00:00 time that will begin on the input of the Actor?

When you press button , store game time in seconds in some variable (float), then calculate this:

(current game time in seconds) - (game time in seconds when you pressed button)

Just wanna say I managed to do it by following this video. I replaced the custom event with the event tick checking a boolean to see if I pressed the button, if true the gametime will begin! Only small issue I’m having is that when I stop the btimer, 1 more millisecond gets displayed in the debug text.